by marketing on 27 de March de 2024
Refined over the years and fully adapted to the advent of new technologies and production methods, the quality control system exists widely in companies in all sectors. This is partly explained by the inherent need in the marketing of products and the provision of services, which is precisely to ensure that the purpose of an exchange between two different parties meets at least technical criteria that guarantee that the exchange in question is beneficial to all.


In the industrial field, the quality control system takes on an even greater connotation, as it is understood that a proper quality control system is one that preserves not only the final quality of a product, but the quality and safety of the entire process that resulted in its manufacture. Thus, the quality control system employs a series of procedures, as well as machines and tools, to ensure that a company's internal processes are not only in full accordance with best industry practices, but also that they do not offer any risk to the integrity of employees and service providers.

Apart from its administrative implications, the quality control system can be seen most directly in the production lines. Starting from a basic notion of industrial activity, where standardisation and uniformity of products are mandatory, the quality control system can be represented by machines that perform this type of verification in an automated way. In other words, in these cases, the quality control system uses the weight parameter to separate the products accordingly from the out-of-specification products.


Varpe is a world leader in checkweighing and X-ray inspection technologies for production lines. Varpe offers a new paradigm in terms of quality control for companies, factories and industries in general. A developer of checkweighing machines, Varpe has solutions for all needs, including the V2000, a high-performance machine capable of filling up to 400 products per minute, increasing the production capacity of companies in all sectors.

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