Communications with Varpe equipment

by marketing on 17 de October de 2022

Line integration

We understand the importance of seamless integration of equipment with the rest of the production line. That's why all our equipment is equipped with IoT technology for real-time monitoring of what is happening in your plant.

There are several ways to establish this communication depending on the needs of your production line:


By means of a remote connection to the equipment in real time. This type of communication is done via an Ethernet connection and the external software you wish to use (e.g. Varpe Monitor). This allows you to access the equipment via remote control, see what is happening during production and make adjustments without having to go to the machine.


It is also possible to collect data on the current status of the machine via the industry standard TCP Modbus and OPC UA protocols. This system also allows centralised actions to be performed on the equipment without having to be present at the machine. External software is required to access the data.


By means of a data concentrator.

It allows access to the equipment's activity in real time from Varpe's own software (Datahub or VIT4), from which the necessary adjustments can be made during production.

Change of format or product

One of the most important adjustments during real-time production is product or format changeovers.

In addition to the more advanced communication options discussed above, there are additional ways to make a product changeover without being at the machine:

Electrical signal input

Up to three formats can be changed via the free potential inputs on the devices. A format is assigned to each of the three
The format is assigned to each of the three inputs and switched from an external element, such as a PLC or a photocell.

By weight discrimination

This option only applies to checkweighers and is valid for products with very different weights. Several formats are defined in the
equipment and when the product passes through, it will be assigned one or another format depending on how close it is to the detected weight.

By barcode

A reader is installed in the equipment that reads the barcode as the product passes through.
This change can be done manually (the operator uses a gun to read the code) or dynamically (the package entering the equipment is identified by a reader integrated in the line). Depending on the information detected, the equipment will assign one format or another.

Through industry standard protocols

Via industry standard TCP Modbus and OPC UA protocols when the line is down for a shift change.


Changes and management of users remotely during production also require special attention. These changes are recorded in the audit and can be consulted a posteriori by accessing consolidated production data. In addition to the general communications, there are two additional ways
additional ways to change users remotely:

By RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

An RFID card is available that allows a change of user without the need to manage it from the equipment.

Through industry standard protocols

A user changeover is possible thanks to the industry standard TCP Modbus and OPC UA protocols when the line is down.

Access to consolidated production data

Just as important as real-time access to the equipment is access to consolidated production data and future forecasts (preventive maintenance) that the machines can offer.

To this end, Varpe establishes various communication possibilities depending on access needs:


If you simply need the production counter data for external reports, queries or analysis, you can extract the consolidated production listings file via USB or network drives in the following formats: .txt file, Excel (vertical or horizontal), PDF document, weight by weight (CP) or images (RX).

NOTE: If necessary, a ticket can be extracted
from a local printer and attached to the
production or batch closure manually.


If you want to send the individual counter and weight data of the current and previous production to your own MES (Manufacturing Execution System) programme to have all the production information, you can do this in two ways:

1. Via TCP Modbus or OPC UA protocol communication to connect to your MES and display the data.

2. Through databases that use the collection systems of Varpe's data concentrators (VIT 4 or DATAHUB) to visualise in your MES.

3. Via Web API. VIT4 allows communication with the equipment without having too much knowledge of its internal structure and can be easily integrated into any MES system or automation programme.


If you wish to visualise the complete data of Varpe equipment without the need to implement an MES, there are two customisable data concentrators developed by Varpe that store the information in databases: VIT4 and Datahub.

With these concentrators, it is possible to obtain complete information on productions with lists, formats, analytics and statistics.

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