ENAC calibrations and tests

by marketing on 20 de October de 2022

Varpe: ENAC accredited laboratory


ENAC-certified calibration service for dynamic checkweighers. 
Automatic weighing instruments (AWI), also known as dynamic checkweighers, are devices that use one or more conveyor belts to weigh the products that circulate on them. It is recommended that the equipment is calibrated to meet the requirements of quality standards and to ensure the reliability and traceability of the measurements.


ENAC-certified sensitivity testing service for contaminant detection equipment.           
It is recommended that contaminant detection equipment, whether x-ray inspection equipment or metal detection equipment, should be tested for sensitivity on a regular basis to meet the requirements of the quality standards and to ensure the reliability of the inspection results.

Metal detection equipment checks for metal contamination, while x-ray inspection systems detect any type of foreign body, whether it is metal, glass, stone, mineral, calcified bone or plastic.
Calibration consists of comparing the values obtained by a measuring instrument, in this case a checkweigher, with the corresponding measurement of a reference standard.
A test is a technical operation consisting of the determination of one or more characteristics of a given product, process or service according to a specified procedure.

What equipment do we calibrate?

Varpe can calibrate class X(III), X(IIII) and Y(a) checkweighers.

Which equipments do we test?

All X-ray inspection equipment or metal detectors.

What is the calibration service?

Varpe performs customised calibrations at the customer's request, depending on the weights of the desired formats and the speed at which each weight must be calibrated.

If there are no customer requirements, a standard calibration can be carried out in which the entire weight range is tested.

At the end of the calibration, an ENAC calibration certificate will be issued with the results obtained.

What is the sensitivity test?

Varpe performs standard tests for a format at the predetermined working speed with the selected stencils.

Tailor-made tests can also be carried out according to the customer's requirements: number of formats to be tested, speed for each format and even the sizes of stencils required.

Tests with special standards can also be carried out on request.

At the end of the calibration, an ENAC sensitivity certificate will be issued with the results obtained.       
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