X-ray inspection systems for bulk industries

Varpe offers a variant of X-Ray inspection system specially designed for bulk industries, with ergonomically robust structure, designed and adapted to the more specific environments of food products processed in bulk.

Designed specifically to inspect unpackaged products in bulk. The equipment is fed with product distributed randomly in the infeed conveyor scattered in different directions and unevenly spaced along the conveyor during the inspection process.

IRIX BULK equipment is used in production lines such as legumes, vegetables, dried fruits and nuts in bulk.

• Made of AISI-304 stainless steel

• Newest generation of X ray detector from 0,4 to 0,8 mm with a maximum width of 614 mm

• Full protection of IP54, IP66 and IP69 optional

• Speed production up to 200 meters/minute

• High performance X ray generator 70 kV and 4 mA, 300 W (optional 600 W) durability at lower consumption

• Vertical beam technology

• Reject systems and discrimination of product contaminated through different methods

Possibility of several split channels for contaminant discrimination zone. Minimum product waste.

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