Online quality control for meat sausages

Varpe equipment has been designed following hygienic design principles for a quick and safe cleaning of the checkweighers that are included in the food production lines to guarantee food-safety. This Varpe checkweigher is specific for meat sausages and is, therefore, designed under the food-industry hygienic design directives.

In order to ensure correct weight of the pieces of sausage, the client relies on 2 V2000 checkweighers to maintain its solid reputation as a leading meat company. Failures in product weight can ruin the reputation of a brand.

The weighing process occurs just before the packing, to minimize the expense of packaging material in those parts that do not meet the stated weight.

This equipment includes a set of rejection system for non-conformity in weight by means of a blower type system and a drawer collector for rejected pieces with security system, confirmation of pieces rejected, full drawer alert and verification o reject confirmation.

This checkweigher has been developed to meet the strictest standards of the food industry process control and cleanliness such as IFS (International Featured Standards) and BRC (British Retail Consortium).

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