V2000 classic

New range of checkweighers

The V2000 Classic checkweigher helps you control the quality and profitability of your production thanks to advanced weighing electronics, maximum accuracy and state-of-the-art software. The system
checks one hundred percent of the manufactured products and rejects all those that are not within the manufacturing standard, specifically and individually for each established format.

The V2000 Classic is designed according to a modular concept that provides flexibility and versatility, adapting to your needs and the space available on the line. It also facilitates the maintenance and assembly of optional elements such as rejection systems, protections, alarms or other accessories.

The equipment has elements that are easy to disassemble and clean, with the frame made of AISI 304 stainless steel and a 12" touch screen. There is the possibility of adding hygienic features for those industries that require it.

The checkweigher can incorporate specific functionalities such as price-weighing systems, feedback and extensive standard industrial communication systems such as Modbus or OPC/UA. In addition, it can be equipped with VIT4 data control software.

Included services
The VA-START plan with ENAC* certified calibration test, commissioning certificate, warranty, training and metrological documentation is included with the equipment. Please refer to our preventive maintenance plans.

The V2000 Classic checkweigher complies with the implications in terms of metrological control defined in Royal Decree RD 244/2016, in Law 32/2014 and in Order ICT/155/2020, the contents of which comply with Directive 2014/32/EU (MID).
* 1 format in Varpe instalations
Technical specifications
Production Up to 400 e7min
Precision From ± 0,1 g*
Unidad de división From 0.1 g*
Memory formats Up to 900
Screen LCD-LED tactil color 12”
Protection IP65 / IP66 (optional)
Minimum weight to be checked
From 1 g*
Maximum weight to be controlled
From 20 kg
Asíncrono y/o Servo Motor
Temperature of work
0-40 ºC
Working height
600 - 1200 mm
Electrical voltage
3x380V+N (another options availabe)
* Depending on the legal characteristics and product format.

Varpe offers the possibility of adapting the standard specifications to individual customer requirements.

*Conveyor dimensions adapted to the needs of the product.
Stainless steel frame
Made of AISI 304 stainless steel with stainless steel non-slip feet and height easily adjustable by ±35 mm above the chosen working height, selectable as standard from 600 mm to 1200 mm (consult us for other heights). 

Designed with 6063 aluminium supports to be able to incorporate and make compatible a wide range of conveyors of different dimensions, as well as a multitude of modular elements.

Modular accessories and complements (optional)
Adjustable side guides and upper guides
Magnetic feeders, sidebands, pass-through, sequencers, screw feeders, etc.
Air conditioning
for extreme

Air conditioning for extreme extremes
Pushers, blowers, turnouts, tilting, progressive, retractable, etc.
Rejected product collection system
Degree of protection suitable for harsh environments
Sensors adapted to the product
Possibility of different measures in working height, weight zone, conveyors and rejection
Fairings against drafts, accesses, etc.
Possibility of a double weighing station
Hygienic design based on EHEDG concepts
Design adapted to inclined lines
Anti-vibration reinforcement base

Articulated arm screen
Integrated data printer
Included and optional communications, controls and technologies
Item Included / Optional
Item Included / Optional
Touch color screen 12" with intuitive software        ◉
Inputs / Outputs with digital signals
Control and programming controls
Management of digital signals for communication with the line 
Self-learning equipment status and production monitoring
USB connection port
Production data: Date, Time, Shift, Line, Batch, Rejected Units (++) / (--), Accepted Units (+) / (OK) / (-), Total Units, Average Weight and Standard Deviation of Accepted Units, Percentage (%) for each level.
Communication protocols DATAHUB WEB, MODBUS TCP IP, OPC UA, etc. 
Advanced data: control of production times, shifts, partial, weight by weight.
Ethernet conections      ○
Automatic zero control function, dynamic and static adjustment
       ◉ Remote communication for remote technical support
Dynamic vibration control
       ◉ Feedback for proportional, PID or moving average dosing systems
Automatic production listing
     ○ Uninterruptible Power Supply SAI/UPS
Reject accumulation detection system
     ○ Customised electrical voltages at 50/60Hz
Confirmation of correct or rejected products, M&S process
     ○ Automatic speed variation
Audit of movements, settings and configurations
       ◉ Pulsed speed variation
Control of up to 900 formats
       ◉ Backup / Restore, security and data integrity
Different levels of users and access
       ◉ Electronic seals according to metrological standards
VIT4 software for production data management
     ○ Manual or automatic barcode, QR and IR barcode scanner
Software to improve performance and profitability on customer request
     ○ Vision inspection to complete product information


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