Basic X-ray inspection equipment

The range of IRIX X-ray inspection systems created to provide solutions to any type of manufacturer.

Given its competitive price and manageable size, the IRIX BASIC is a new opportunity to continue improving the inspection of products with techniques that guarantee, without a doubt, the safety and health of the final consumer.
It consists on a low consumption and easy installation system, specifically designed for those sectors that, due to the characteristics of their products, require a system with basic functionalities.

  • Detection of contaminants in production lines, such as ferric, non-ferric and stainless steel material, as well as other foreign bodies such as glass, metal, stones, bones and plastics.

  • With more sensitive X ray generator of less power reducing the size of the equipment considerably which makes it easier to incorporate into an already existing production line.

  • In addition to the contamination detection, the new IRIX Basic systems can carry out other functionalities parallel to the detection, such as the measurement of the mass or lack of product to add more value, improving their productivity and the quality of their product.

  • Low energy consumption: High sensitivity detector and an X-ray generator of 120 W up to 60 kV and 2mA.

  • Applications and productivity: It is designed especially for the inspection of small and medium packaged products up to 150 containers per minute.
This food and product inspection equipment are listed under the certification of exempt equipment granted by the General Direction of Policies and Mines, with the approval of the Council Of Nuclear Safety number NHMX224, published in the BOE No. 90 on April 15, 2017.

Technical features
Production units / minuteUp to 150
Maximum package size 
200 x 300 x 40 mm
Minimum package weight
250 g (curtains range)
Beam technology
Vertical from up to down
Linear array
 0,8 mm
With potential-free output relay
220V Mono
Up to 120W in 60/2
Speed controller
Own foreign bodies detection software
Low-cost, high performance PC
Rejection options
Reject confirmation
Protection and product handling options
Air conditioning for temperatures above 20º
Mass analysis
Connections & communication options
Connection for a statistical quality control (SQC)
Special software
Special inspection software for ringpull cans
Remote communication for distant maintenance
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