Organisation's environmental performance

by marketing on 22 de December de 2023
As part of our commitment to the environment and sustainability, Varpe set the following environmental objectives to directly address the environmental aspects that were found to be significant in the initial assessment.
- Reduce the consumption of administrative paper.
During the year 2023 we have managed to reduce the consumption of administrative paper by half, thanks to the collaboration and responsibility of all the staff, who have made a special effort in:

- Print only those documents that are strictly necessary, using both sides whenever possible.
- Reuse paper when there is still usable space available.
- Encourage the use of electronic tools and documentation.
- Monitor paper consumption by area.

- Increase the percentage of electricity contracted from sustainable sources.
A feasibility study has been carried out to establish the best option for the organisation's facilities, and several installation companies are being contacted and their proposals will be evaluated.

Other important aspects to highlight on our way to improve the planet are:

- We continue to make progress in calculating and reducing our carbon footprint by participating in the Zero CO2 project of the Barberà del Vallès City Council.

- Environmental criteria in the design: as part of the life cycle of our equipment, during the design phase we take into account important aspects such as the use of sustainable materials, their durability and useful life, the minimisation of waste, the proximity of suppliers and their environmental commitment, the reduction of emissions and pollution, and energy efficiency, among others.

If you would like to receive further information, make any queries, contribute new ideas or collaborate in any way with Varpe Control de Peso S.A. on environmental and sustainability issues, please contact the quality and environment department at the following e-mail address: 
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