Detection of clip and holes within sliced bread

The standards of purity in the food industries are increasingly strict and today's consumer expects quality to come first at all times.

Contaminated or deficient products can have fatal consequences. The consequent withdrawal campaigns or possible demands are extremely expensive and damage the image of the manufacturer.

Through X-ray technology, manufacturers offer their consumers added value. Not only can they ensure that their products are free of foreign bodies of various types such as glass, metal, stones, bones, plastics but can also offer other functionalities such as mass measurement of product, lack of unity within a product or detection of holes on products in which holes are easily generated inside, as in the case of sliced bread.

The detection of the holes produced during the manufacturing process on the mold bread is a recurrent anomaly in this type of product and difficult to solve.

Varpe has developed a specific internal software for the detection of those holes.

The system is able to detect according to the parameterization of inspection values in the three dimensions of hole adjustment.

The system also has the same inspection functionality for other common contaminants such as metal contaminants, metal contaminants, glass, stones, bones, plastics.

Another feature for this system is to be able to detect the closing clip present in this type of product. The clip is a similar element in density to a contamination (usually metallic) and must be present in the product. There can only be one and its absence will be detected.
The products that give positive in the algorithm may be counted in an independent level so the rejection can also be assigned to an independent ou
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