We improve the detection of foreign bodies with high resolution X-ray images.

IRIX range of equipments meet the most demanding requirements related to the safety of the industrial process, reaching exceptional levels of detection of ferric and non-ferric material, stainless steel, glass, metal, calcified bones, spines and stones. They also offer simultaneous verification detecting damaged products, breakages, lack of units within the product and mass measurement.

They are equipped with TDI technology that consists of a type of high-definition X-ray generator and a very precise type of detector: a TDI detector (Time Delay Integration) that provides sharper X-ray images with high resolution.

These images will be interpreted by an advanced image processing software designed in Varpe, which will offer maximum precision in the detection of foreign bodies, avoiding false rejections as much as possible.

Operation TDI technology

Time Delay Integration is a scanning technology in which a capture transfer device produces a continuous video image of a moving object by means of linear and synchronized integration of each of the lines captured on a matrix of 128 lines x 210 mm, all with the movement of the object, in such a way that, as the image moves from one line to the next, the integrated load moves along with it, providing greater contrast and higher resolution at lower energy levels compare to a line scanning camera (linear array).

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