Renewal ISO 9001: 2015

Varpe Control de Peso, S.A. has obtained from Lloyd’s Register the renewal of the ISO 9001: 2015 certification obtained in 2001 in order to offer the best service to its customers.

This update of the certification is the result of its continuous spirit of innovation and improvement, reiterating Varpe’s commitment. Our products and technologies comply with the requirements of the applicable CE directives and have the corresponding CE certification.

Pet Food

Varpe offers a wide range of compact systems that combine the latest technology in weight verification and X-Ray inspection customized to your specific production needs.

Varpe Combo RX systems concentrated in one spot the weight of products while they are inspected by X-ray, rejecting those products outside weight standards established and those contaminated with foreign bodies such as glass, metal, stones, bones and high density plastics.

Multilane systems

Varpe offers applications of checkweighers and X-ray inspection with simultaneous channels for products from several production lines.

Different types of configuration with a wide range of products and different sizes of containers.
Compact design saving space.
All lines monitored by the same user-friendly interface intuitive to the operator.
Statistical quality control (SQC).

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

At Varpe Control de Peso, S.A. we are consistent with all our projects so all our processes are certified ISO 9001: 2015.
All our products and technologies comply with the requirements of the applicable CE directives and have the corresponding CE certification.


Varpe offers weighing solutions with high performance for specific applications such as the aerosol industry.

The flexible and modular design of Varpe checkweighers offers maximum precision and efficiency for quality control, guaranteeing maximum accuracy and optimizing the weight of your products.

Varpe develops specific applications for high and cylindrical cans of aerosol production lines. These receptacles due to their ergonomics, require special requirements in the chemical industry, as they are containers with a small base and high center of gravity, causing stability at the time of weighing and displacement between the conveyor belts.



From Varpe we work in our checkweighers to offer an efficient control at the end of the production lines.
Our range of checkweighers help to improve brand image and to optimize end-of-line production processes.
Varpe’s checkweighers comply with established safety standards and the specific needs of your industrial sector.


International virtual fair

Varpe will be present at the first virtual fair dedicated to technological innovation industry, the so-called Industry 4.0.

The virtual fair, which starts on November 1 and will be active until the 30th of the month, is dedicated to the new industry model focused on smart factories and a vision of computerized manufacturing, all processes connected by the call “Internet of things” (IOT). The Virtual Innovation Fair Industry 4.0 will allow, from a technological platform created exclusively for the occasion, participants from around the world meet, interact, and create business relationships between them.

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His majesty Don Felipe visited a leader manufacturer in the field of washing, laundry care and household cleaning.

In the picture we see the king watching integrated COMBI DM equipments that combine the functionality of weight control and metal detection on one of the production lines from the factory.


Failures in product weight can ruin the reputation of a brand.

In order to ensure correct weight of the pieces of sausage, the client relies on 2 V2000 checkweighers to maintain its solid reputation as a leading meat company.

Checkweigher designed to weight pieces of meat sausages with hygienic design for a quick and safe cleanning.



Varpe offers innovative weighing solutions specific for cosmetics industries.

The world market of the cosmetic industry, along with consumer preferences, is in constant change and innovation. Varpe offers the perfect solution for weight control of the different packages in the production of major multinational company with strong presence in the cosmetics sector.

V2064 checkweigher has many configuration options and features to meet the needs of production companies from cosmetic sector.