Is X ray safety for food inspection?

It is a question that all food manufacturers, which do not use this technology yet, are often asked. The answer is a resounding yes, they are safe for consumption. In no case does the inspection of food with X-rays make the food radioactive, or leave radioactive waste, or suffer any change in its taste or texture.

The vast majority of food manufacturers use X-ray inspection technology as it provides detection of ferric, non-ferrous and stainless steel material, as well as other foreign bodies such as fish bones, glass, metal, stones, bones, plastics . In addition to these functionalities, you can also simultaneously perform a wide range of quality controls, such as counting them, mass measurement, identification of the lack of products or which one is damaged.

Foods that have been inspected by X-rays do not have to be declared since the irradiation level is 1 million times lower than allowed.

Food manufacturers use X-ray inspection technology to ensure the safety and quality of their products and help to comply with established regulations.

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