X-Ray inspection

Renewal ISO 9001: 2015

Varpe Control de Peso, S.A. has obtained from Lloyd’s Register the renewal of the ISO 9001: 2015 certification obtained in 2001 in order to offer the best service to its customers.

This update of the certification is the result of its continuous spirit of innovation and improvement, reiterating Varpe’s commitment. Our products and technologies comply with the requirements of the applicable CE directives and have the corresponding CE certification.

Improved detection of fish bones

Improved detection of fish bones in FISHING CONSERVE industries.

IRIX range of X ray inspection equipment covers most of the needs of the fishing industry in reliable detection of contaminating elements with certain morphological and density characteristics.

Detecting the fish bones that remain in the product after their extraction, is more complicated. During the handling and sterilization process, those fish bones undergo a transformation of disqualification modifying their density, which makes it difficult to detect them during the X-ray inspection.

Thanks to constant improvements in latest generation technology, Varpe offers new solutions for the detection of canned fish bones providing improvements in the quality and welfare of the consumer. These improvements help reduce the claims for the presence of fish bones.

Pet Food

Varpe offers a wide range of compact systems that combine the latest technology in weight verification and X-Ray inspection customized to your specific production needs.

Varpe Combo RX systems concentrated in one spot the weight of products while they are inspected by X-ray, rejecting those products outside weight standards established and those contaminated with foreign bodies such as glass, metal, stones, bones and high density plastics.

Avoid contamination

Advanced X-ray inspection technology to avoid contamination

How can you protect yourself against the vulnerability of foreign bodies contaminating your production?

Discover how the advanced technology of Varpe X-ray inspection equipment protects your final product by reducing physical contamination through quality controls at the end of production lines.

Varpe offers maximum sensitivity to contamination detection for a wide range of applications as shown in this video.

TDI technology

We improve the detection of foreign bodies with high resolution X-ray images.

IRIX range of equipments meet the most demanding requirements related to the safety of the industrial process, reaching exceptional levels of detection of ferric and non-ferric material, stainless steel, glass, metal, calcified bones, spines and stones. They also offer simultaneous verification detecting damaged products, breakages, lack of units within the product and mass measurement.

They are equipped with TDI technology that consists of a type of high-definition X-ray generator and a very precise type of detector: a TDI detector (Time Delay Integration) that provides sharper X-ray images with high resolution.

These images will be interpreted by an advanced image processing software designed in Varpe, which will offer maximum precision in the detection of foreign bodies, avoiding false rejections as much as possible.

Operation TDI technology

Time Delay Integration is a scanning technology in which a capture transfer device produces a continuous video image of a moving object by means of linear and synchronized integration of each of the lines captured on a matrix of 128 lines x 210 mm, all with the movement of the object, in such a way that, as the image moves from one line to the next, the integrated load moves along with it, providing greater contrast and higher resolution at lower energy levels compare to a line scanning camera (linear array).

Assure the product is safe to consume

Varpe has recently installed one of its new range of X-ray inspection for a renowned company in the food sector in Brazil.

The equipment provides automatic detection of contaminants such as ferric and non-ferrous material, stainless steel, glass, metal, calcified bones, spines and stones with separation of products contaminated by pneumatic rejection system.

The client will also use it to certify the correct weight through mass analysis of the content of the containers, thus helping the precision of the dosing process.

Dual Energy

The new DUAL ENERGY technology from Varpe’s range of X-ray inspection equipment is a major step in the detection of foreign bodies and contaminants.

They offer an improvement in accuracy when it comes to detect low density contaminants such as calcified bones, spines and stones.

Traditional X-ray systems with standard energy detect foreign objects through the information obtained in the absorption during exposure to X-rays. These systems have difficulty distinguishing between accumulation of product and its density, resulting in losses in detections and false rejections.

The dual energy technology uses an advanced generator with a double layer detector that uses two energy spectra to obtain low and high energy images, respectively.

What technology is best for your application?

Varpe standard energy X-ray inspection equipment reaches exceptional levels of detection of ferric and non-ferrous material, stainless steel, glass, metal, simultaneously checking for damaged products, mass measurement of product or lack of units within the product.

The new dual energy technology from Varpe’s range of X-ray inspection equipment is a major step in the detection of foreign bodies and low density contaminants such as calcified bones, spines and stones.

Dual energy technology is better at detecting objects that show a small variation in X-ray absorption. This means that dense foreign bodies in dense products are more easily detected using dual energy technology compared to standard energy.

Multilane systems

Varpe offers applications of checkweighers and X-ray inspection with simultaneous channels for products from several production lines.

Different types of configuration with a wide range of products and different sizes of containers.
Compact design saving space.
All lines monitored by the same user-friendly interface intuitive to the operator.
Statistical quality control (SQC).

Detection of mold bread anomalies

The detection of the holes produced during the manufacturing process on the mold bread is a recurrent anomaly in this type of product and difficult to solve.

Varpe has developed a specific internal software for the detection of those holes, as well as the detection of the closing clip, also present in this type of product.

The clip is a similar element in density to a contamination (usually metallic) and it must be present in the mold bread pacakage. There can only be one and its absence will be detected.

The system also has the same inspection functionality for other common contaminants such as metal contaminants, metal contaminants, glass, stones, bones, plastics.

Test before purchasing your X-ray

Test before purchasing your X-ray inspection equipment
If you are a manufacturer, you can and must ensure that your supplier tests your product and equipment before the purchase decision.
You must ensure that the tests are performed in an environment that simulates your processing line.
At Varpe we offer you the possibility of carrying out free tests with your products in our facilities. As a result of these tests, we will give you a detailed report with contaminants and anomalies detected during the tests.
Contact us here to request a free report of sensitivities.