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Andinapack fair

Varpe has enjoyed an EXCELLENT WELCOME for his time at the ANDINAPACK Bogotá fair (COLOMBIA).

Expomeat fair

Great success and welcome of the new range of equipment Varpe in the last Expomeat fair held in Sao Paulo.

Renewal ISO 9001: 2015

Varpe Control de Peso, S.A. has obtained from Lloyd’s Register the renewal of the ISO 9001: 2015 certification obtained in 2001 in order to offer the best service to its customers.

This update of the certification is the result of its continuous spirit of innovation and improvement, reiterating Varpe’s commitment. Our products and technologies comply with the requirements of the applicable CE directives and have the corresponding CE certification.

Pet Food

Varpe offers a wide range of compact systems that combine the latest technology in weight verification and X-Ray inspection customized to your specific production needs.

Varpe Combo RX systems concentrated in one spot the weight of products while they are inspected by X-ray, rejecting those products outside weight standards established and those contaminated with foreign bodies such as glass, metal, stones, bones and high density plastics.

Avoid contamination

Advanced X-ray inspection technology to avoid contamination

How can you protect yourself against the vulnerability of foreign bodies contaminating your production?

Discover how the advanced technology of Varpe X-ray inspection equipment protects your final product by reducing physical contamination through quality controls at the end of production lines.

Varpe offers maximum sensitivity to contamination detection for a wide range of applications as shown in this video.

Multilane systems

Varpe offers applications of checkweighers and X-ray inspection with simultaneous channels for products from several production lines.

Different types of configuration with a wide range of products and different sizes of containers.
Compact design saving space.
All lines monitored by the same user-friendly interface intuitive to the operator.
Statistical quality control (SQC).

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

At Varpe Control de Peso, S.A. we are consistent with all our projects so all our processes are certified ISO 9001: 2015.
All our products and technologies comply with the requirements of the applicable CE directives and have the corresponding CE certification.

Advanced X ray inspection for can containers

Varpe improves the inspection of contaminants in the base, top and sidewalls of can-type containers, thus reducing blind inspection points.
IRIX equipment range offer identification of the existence of welding in metal cans that significantly penalize the sensitivity in the inspection, as well as the detection of rings in the containers, considering them for their inspection with a specific algorithm for rings. If there isn´t any ring pull, can will be rejected.
They offer full inspection coverage, increasing the detection sensitivity of ferric, non-ferric, stainless steel and other foreign bodies such as glass, stones, bones, plastics, as well as mass analysis, lack of product and the detection of damaged cans.


Doing works of charity is one of the noblest human virtues, and through the actions of helping others we often end up feeling more pleasure in giving than in receiving.

Varpe once again, helping the needy, donates to Caritas the samples used during their events and fairs.


Recording of corporate at Varpe.

The filming took place last week, we were two full days recording videos of all our facilities. Today we show a small sample as a way of making of, we hope you like it.